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03. mars 2014

Stop - Let's Guard the Garden

This project was introduced at a press conference at Harpa on the 3rd of March 2014. Björk and Darren Aronofsky participated in the press conference. meira

10. febrúar 2014

Did New York Times get it wrong?

What we’re seeing the Ministry of the Environment do here is a neat little bit of semantic parsing. meira

06. maí 2013

Áhugaverður fyrirlestur um sjálfbæra þróun

“Our goal is to figure out how to produce more with less land, less water and less pollution, so we won't be the only species left living on this planet.” meira

18. apríl 2013

„Á þunnum ís"

Í tilefni af Degi jarðar hinn 22. apríl bjóða Náttúruverndarsamtök Íslands og Vísindafélag Íslands, í samstarfi við Breska sendiráðið, til frumsýningar á kvikmyndinni "Thin Ice". meira

11. apríl 2013

The Arctic Melt: A wake up call, not a business opportunity

The Arctic Melt: A wake up call, not a business opportunity meira

08. apríl 2013

Sir David Attenborough talks about plastic pollution in our oceans

Over the last 60 years plastic has become central to our lives and mankind has subjected the planet to a tsunami of plastic waste. meira

06. apríl 2013

Dagur Jarðar 22. apríl 2013

Í sameiningu viljum við persónugera þau ógnarstóru verkefni sem fylgja því að taka á þeim vandamálum sem hlýnun andrúmsloftsins leiðir af sér; að segja umheiminum frá með því að sýna myndir frá þúsundum atburða um víða veröld sem verða á Degi jarðar. meira

05. apríl 2013

Three welcome new Ramsar Sites in Iceland

The government of Iceland, which designated its first site for the List of Wetlands of International Importance back in 1977, has recently added three more beautiful new Ramsar Sites to bring the national total to six. meira

15. janúar 2013

Nature Protection and Energy Bill Passed in Iceland

Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources Svandís Svavarsdóttir’s bill on the protection and exploitation of areas for energy harnessing, the so-called rammaáætlun (‘framework program’) was passed at parliament yesterday by 36 votes in favour and 21 against. meira

10. janúar 2013

About INCA

The Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) is a conservation NGO, with the primary objective of conserving and protecting the wilderness of Iceland. From the outset, INCA's primary goal was to establish a national park in the highlands, which constitute some 40% of Iceland's total area of roughly 100.000 Vatnajoekull Glacier Park, some 15.000 sq km in extent, was established in June 2008. meira

29. október 2012

Whale Watching in Iceland

In 2011 nearly 130 thousand tourists went whale watching in Iceland. This compared with the mid 1990s when the first whale watching trips were on offer, represents an adventurous development in nature-based tourism. To many, Iceland is the best destination world wide for those who would like to see these giants in their natural environment. meira

15. júní 2012

From Myvatn Research Station

The Myvatn Research Station cautions against further development of geothermal energy in the area. meira

07. júní 2012

Environmental Success

The protection of the Icelandic Highlands has been called the largest environmental movement Iceland has ever seen, both in terms in conservation policy and sheer land mass. Arni Finnsson of the Iceland Nature Conservation Association, says it could not have happened without the support of the WWF Arctic Programme. meira

15. september 2011

Scientists call for end to deep-sea fishing

Industrial fishing in the deep sea should be banned because it has depleted fish stocks that take longer to recover than other species, according to a paper to be released this week by an international team of marine scientists. meira

24. ágúst 2011

Recommendations for the UN General Assembly

2011 is a critical year for the conservation and sustainable use of deep-sea biodiversity. For the first time ever, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will conduct an open review of national and regional actions, in accordance with UNGA resolutions 61/105 and 64/72, to protect deep-sea species and ecosystems beyond national jurisdiction from the harmful impacts of bottom fishing meira

29. júní 2010

Articles of INCA

Articles of Association Iceland Nature
Conservation Association meira

29. apríl 2009

Scapegoats for the fishing industry – Dr. Hilmar J. Malmquist

If one can say anything about recent arguments of the Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners (FIFVO) in favour of whaling, it is but propaganda which misquotes scientific research, which are taken out of its natural context. meira

27. janúar 2009

Iceland sets major quota

Iceland's fisheries ministry has issued whaling quotas substantially enlarged from those in previous years, as the government prepares to leave office. The quotas would allow catching of 100 minke whales and 150 fin whales annually for the next five years. meira

28. október 2008

After financial meltdown, now it's smeltdown

Now we have three aluminium smelters, which are the biggest in Europe; and in the space of the next three years they want to build two more. The smelters would need energy from a handful of new geothermal power plants and the building of dams that would damage pristine wilderness, hot springs and lava fields. To take this much energy from geothermal fields is not sustainable. meira

02. apríl 2008

ENVIRONMENT: Dispute over Aluminium Plant Resurfaces

REYKJAVIK, Apr 1 (IPS) - Controversy has arisen yet again over the construction of an aluminium plant in Iceland. In this case the proposed plant will be located at Helguvik in the southwest, and will be powered by geothermal energy rather than hydroelectric power meira

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