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Steingrímur J. Sigfússon
150 Reykjavík
Ágæti Steingrímur,
We write  to express our grave concerns about the continued failure of the parties negotiating on the collective management of Northeast Atlantic mackerel to come to a sustainable compromise agreement.
ICES latest advice state that ‘on the basis of the Norway, Faroe Islands, and 
EU management plan (agreed by the EU, Norway and the Faroes in 2008) implies catches in 2013 should  be between 497,000 tonnes and 542,000 tonnes, this corresponds  to a catch reduction between 47% and 42% compared to the estimated catches in 2012. This would lead to an estimated SSB in 2014 between 2.61 and 2.56 million tonnes. ICES advises that the existing measures to protect the North Sea spawning component should remain in place’ link
Recent events show that unilateral action and intransigent attitudes are 
threatening the long term prospects of the stock and, with it, the industries fishing it.  What is needed is simply the adoption of an agreement that will ensure the sustainable future of this stock. As the parties directly involved, we call upon you to show the necessary leadership and spirit of compromise to help resolve differences and come up with a long term management plan agreed with all relevant stakeholders and based on sound scientific advice.  Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA)   believes that is the only way to demonstrate collective and 
decisive leadership and responsibility in resolving this dispute.  
Failure to come to an agreement when the talks resume this month will put the 
future of one of the most important North-Atlantic fish stocks at risk. We call upon you to ensure that all parties meet their obligations under international law by agreeing on a much needed sustainable management plan for the Northeast Atlantic mackerel.
Sincerely yours,
Arni Finnsson, Iceland Nature Conservation Association
Tony Long, Director, WWF European Policy Office
Nina Jensen, Chief Executive, WWF Norway
Richard Dixon, WWF Scotland
David Nussbaum, WWF United Kingdom