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Obituary, Gudmundur Pall Olafsson by Jon Swan

Gudmundur Pall Olafsson, who for decades was in the forefront of Iceland’s conservation movement, died at Landspitali - The National University Hospital, Iceland, on August 31, at the age of seventy-o...


Stop - Let's Guard the Garden

This project was introduced at a press conference at Harpa on the 3rd of March 2014. Björk and Darren Aronofsky participated in the press conference.


Did New York Times get it wrong?

What we’re seeing the Ministry of the Environment do here is a neat little bit of semantic parsing.

Áhugaverður fyrirlestur um sjálfbæra þróun

“Our goal is to figure out how to produce more with less land, less water and less pollution, so we won't be the only species left living on this planet.”